Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Yesterday we got a call from the detective, who we now know quite well and call him by his first name. I never thought I would become personal with a detective because my child died in my house. yucky thought.

Anyway, he was kind enough to call and tell us we might not want these pictures they had for us. He said it was up to us but they were quite nasty. Of course he didnt use nasty but Iam sure they are nasty. 

Pictures of my son dying on my living room floor. makes me sick writing it. 
sick. sick. sick.

and more pictures of the autopsy.
thank goodness they only did an external one on my sweet boy Ollie.

The detective said he thinks these pictures would keep us up at night. 
Do you think? I sure do. I only want nice thoughts about my sweet Ollie. The day of the hospital and the funeral are all over now. Glad they are behind us. 

We don't need anymore sleepless nights, so we told him we don't think this would be necessary to see as part of our healing process.

EWWW could you imagine seeing your dead child and cut open...not a happy thought. 
Sorry for the nasty images in your head 
but it's my reality which I try not to dwell on too much


I like this thought, cute little guy!