Thursday, January 17, 2013

I love my Dad!

My amazing dad drove our little truck back to Oregon (14 long hours int he car) with us so I could finally have a vehicle to drive -I have been without one for over a year now. I am so thankful to have a car! Yippee. Not that I need to go anywhere or that I will go anywhere, but just in case I do decide to, I have one. I'm no longer the girl that asks for a ride or to borrow a car.

My dad stayed here with us for 17 not long enough days. Wow. How special. Usually dads are the ones working. My dad was fortunate enough to visit for this long. We really enjoyed every minute with him. He really is one of the kindest men I know and Im so proud hes our dad. Chris calls him dad too. It has been so nice our families have been with us so much since Ollie passed away. We have needed their love and hugs. Thanks dad for all your help,  love and laughs.

He loves his little girl!

He fed her every single meal

He went on walks in the forest with us

He can grow a mean beard. 2013 beard competition here we come!!!

He stacked all this wood and made a fire for us every morning. Thanks dad

He went on a 2 hour hike and got big blisters, what a trooper!

He likes to touch trees!

He's a silly guy

***Thanks dad for all the notes, and the money of course!
My dad and mom would leave money for Ollie when he was here. So they continue the tradition. So generous. Thank-you.