Friday, January 25, 2013



It's been a while now since I have held you in my arms. The last memory of holding you was quite exhausting and horrendous, but oh so cherished and precious. I remember whispering the most tender words a mother would ever whisper to her son as you left this earth and progressed on-ward.  I know you heard me and I know it will come true. (Wow what a hard day that was

Since you left us physically that awful day, I now have your sweet sister to hold and snuggle when Im oh so sad. She reminds me of you more and more. She even giggles just like you. I just know you would love her as much as I do. She sure is precious. I tell her I love her just as much as her older brother, Ollie. You are both so special to me. I even sing her the lullabies I sang to you. She goes right to sleep.

I think she knows you.
When she sees your picture she has to touch your picture with her tiny fingers and she grins so happily. She does this same thing every time.

I wonder if you ever visit her? I sure hope so.

I wonder what she will say when she can talk?

Ollie, momma is forgetting things about you. You will never leave my memory, but the small things are fading becasue you are not here. This hurts me. I hope one day I will understand. I think there is some greater plan. You have touched so many. You have forever changed my life. I hope to do great things in your name.
I love you, my little Ollie Kai Hebb.