Thursday, January 3, 2013



Yesterday your daddy and Grandpa were outside all day chopping wood for our fire.

*Thank you Chris and dad*

Your Gramps came to visit for 16 days, it would have been so much better if you were here too. He loves Poppy just like he loves you.He misses you a lot. You and him were buddies. You were his first grand-child. He was and is so proud of you.

Ollie you would have been such a big help to them. You loved going outside soooo much. You loved being in the rain and even the cold. You didnt mind. You loved eating breakfast in the mornings, then putting on your shoes and your Ollie blue rain jacket, and you would spend as long as I would let you spend out there. You are a nature lover! Just like your dad and I! 

The days daddy would chop kin-ling when you were still here, (oh man so sad to say still here, I get sick to my stomach looking at his pictures and hearing his voice. I love him so much and it rips my heart to think he is not here, the only reason I get sick is the fact hes not in my arms), you were right by his side and helped to bring the wood to mom. Sometimes the wood was as big as you, but you managed to carry it far enough so I could grab it.

Gramps and your dad both felt like something was missing yesterday, and it was you.

Poppy was outside with them.
It was cold, but the sun was shinning and the sky was Ollie blue. It was beautiful and we felt your presence. 

Oh how I miss you. My heart is so heavy and I long for your touch. Cant wait to see you again and kiss your most precious face. Until then, hold me, carry me and have faith in me.
And make me STRONG so I can ENDURE.