Monday, February 11, 2013


I am overwhelmed with life right now, as you could probably guess after such a tragedy. I feel so much love when I read all your comments and I can feel the prayers because I know without them I wouldn't be alive right now.  I thank and love each and every person who takes the time to comment or email me. I had good intentions of writing back to every single person , but I have failed.  I can barely brush my teeth and shower some days, so answering many emails is just too hard right now. I do read every single email and comment. I am deeply touched with your hope in me as a mother, woman, friend, daughter and wife.  

PLEASE don't give up on me.
I feel bad needing prayers. I am not trying to be a hog.

I need the positive vibes and encouragement. My faith alone is weak. I am relying on many of you until I can be strong.  

**Side note
I have always been (until now) a woman who was positive, uplifted others, a giver, shared my love, and had faith and hope. Sadly, right now I am none of these.
I guess it is my turn to receive and be uplifted by others. I hope to one day again return the giving, but for now I am a bit consumed in my grief.

*I will say the more service I do for others, the more I lose the heaviness of grief for just a small moment*

Ollie and I 3 years ago...I never have any pictures of myself...

So again, I THANK YOU.