Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cute Memory

This morning I was sitting in bed like I do every morning and I was thinking of sweet Ollie and how much my heart longs for him. A sweet memory came into my mind...

One morning we were just playing like we normally did and not rushing to change out of our jammies, I noticed Ollie kept grabbing his foot. So I just tickled it and gave it a little pinch. Then he forgot about it, but a moment later he was back grabbing his foot and began to cry a little. I unzipped his jammies and looked at his toes. At first I didn't see anything, then I noticed his toe was turning white. He had one of my hairs wrapped all the way around his big toe and it was cutting off the circulation. Poor little guy. It must have been like that all night. It made me laugh though to think my stupid hair was wrapped around his toe. He was so cute and tender about it. He inspected his tiny toe with me. It made him so happy when I undid the hair....miss that cutie.