Friday, February 1, 2013


I love my children and wish they were both here with us. Ollie is not and never will be physically. I do feel him near though.. I can't post enough pictures of him. Nothing will ever be enough until I'm with him. My precious Ollie-pop, we miss you.

This picture makes me so happy when I see it. We were on the airplane going to Utah just 2 weeks before he died. I would hold up my Iphone and we would make faces at the camera. He copied every face I made. What a sweetie!

 This picture shows how much he loved to help. He loved anything outside. He loved boy things like hammers! I guess we have a lot of pictures in his blue jacket, so we made blue his color and now we call it "Ollie-blue"!

 This picture shows how sweet he was/is and his precious face. He was such a gentle boy and very obedient. Miss that face.

You can see how much he loved disc-golf. He was just learning to throw the discs with his daddy. We took his so many times to play. He always loved every minute of it. We carried him most of the time, but he did walk a lot of the long course. What a trooper! Look where his finger is...cute.