Friday, April 12, 2013

I love pictures

Had seen these pictures of sweet Ollie in a while...

My two brothers and sister with Ollie at the Harry Potter movie!

Looks like Poppy!


Chris came in the house and said lets go truffle hunting...
so we got our gloves and boots, and left that next minute.  We sure have a nice time together being in nature and getting dirty. Its so peaceful, and fun too!

Chris loves little critters.

My mushroom-master-hippie husband. A giant puff ball.


Through my grief:

* I have become more aware of what to do for others when they lose someone.
* I can empathize with other mothers who are grieving.
* I have gained a closer relationship with Heavenly Father.
* My faith has grown.
* My knowledge of the gospel has deepened.
* My prayers are more real and raw.