Monday, June 17, 2013

Leg Warmers-yippee

I go to the mail box daily with anticipation to see what leg warmers I received from some sweet excites me greatly to open each and every package. 

Thank you again to all who helped. 
I think this may be an on going thing in the years to come, not sure yet.
**If you still have leg warmers and want to send them, please do!! 

Doesnt look like much but its a couple hundred...and counting!

The colors and different patterns are adorable and I get touched thinking of how cute the critical, not so critical or near death children will look in them. It sure will brighten up that ugly white room filled with invasive tubes, beeping scary monitors and stinky smells awful smells [I hate hospitals. I had Poppy at a beautiful water birthing center and I will convince anyone to have their child natural.] Not to forget that awful smell of my son dying. His body was sloughing off his organs...whoa pretty intense.  sorry but the truth. scary. horrific. terrifying and disgusting. I won't share the details.

I know this:
My precious boy Ollie lives! He lives. He is real, he is in heaven and he is a perfected chosen spirit whom I will one day squeeze and kiss and hold and tickle and never let go...until that day I pray for strength and perseverance.