Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ollies Birth-day

I remember the day Ollie was born just like yesterday, I was so excited to become a mother finally after 6 years of marriage. 
In Mormon and Utah standards this was a very long time to wait :) 

My labor was 30 hours from start until he arrived. and with no epidural. pretty amazing experience. 

**I am not one usually for telling details.

Saying Hello

Such tender kisses

pure joy and happiness

 Precious memories and moments in time that I will cherish forever.

Forever sealed in the eternities.

Yesterday he should have turned 3 as far as earthly standards are concerned. 
Wish we could have held him like we did the day of his arrival to earth....

Wonder what he is doing in heaven? Do they celebrate? 
Is he a grown boy? 
Does he teach others because he is so noble? 
Does he miss me?
What does heaven look like?
Is he there with our other children?
I wonder.....


Saying Goodbye
Such extreme polar opposite feelings from the day he was born
such pain and torment

a mothers tender last kiss