Saturday, June 1, 2013

Making a cutesie leg warmer

I found a new way to make girl leg warmers....with a little ruffle on the end. (thanks mom for the idea-my mom sews costumes!!)
If you are wondering why I am making leg warmers and want to help

*They are super fast.
*You can sew a whole lot more.
*They are easier than the cuff for beginner sewers.
*Either way, the cuff or ruffle works just great, I just appreciate your help.

Ruffled Leg Warmers
 Cut off the entire sock from the knee high, just like this-I know I am very thorough

I set my sewing machine to this...not sure this helps anyone, but you do have to have a zig-zag stitch.
A smaller stitch worked better for me.

 Your socks have to be some types of stretchy knit.
Place the material under the foot, stretch the material with your left hand and hold the thread in back so it doesn't tangle with your right hand and begin sewing-or whatever works easiest.

Yes I even used white thread becasue I hate changing colors...I think it actually show cases the ruffle.

Aren't they just cute?
Happy sewing!
Seriously, if you have ANY questions about the leg warmers, just write me a text or email.

Just a reminder:
Leg warmers need to be to my house by June 18th