Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One Hour With Hope

Right after Ollie's accident I got hundreds of emails, text, and Facebook messages.

 I was showered with love! 

I didn't ever notice I had a message folder called "other" in my facebook. It's from people who are not your friends, but write you a message *You better go check yours* It's right next to your inbox folder.

A year later, I discovered I had this folder and have slowly been writing people back.
One hour with Hope was one of those.
So I contacted them. 
They still wanted Chris and I to do an interview with Hope. 
They asked if June 21st 2013 would be alright?
We agreed. 
No coincidence it happen to be Ollie's birthday.
What a great tribute. 
Just one more reason to say his name and honor him. 

So we drove down to Salem,Oregon through the country roads about 1.5 hours. It was beautiful! And green, of course-remember it rains a lot here?

*when we got there Hope told us they hadn't done a show in a month and this was their first night back-due to the arrival of their 2nd child-again no coincidence on the date that was chosen. 

So the taping was un-eventful except for Poppy being silly, crying, touching their expensive monitors, trying to spill my water, and squirming right as I'm telling the part about the accident. It was a little hard to concentrate, but I managed. 

It will air on CCTV (cable tv) in about a month or two. It takes a little while because they are a small production studio. I will post a link for all to view it. 

This is Hope. 
Tall, kind and soft spoken. 
He is originally from Nigeria, Africa.