Thursday, August 29, 2013

Washing Machine Warning Label

So after many months of waiting, numerous calls to the Oregon State Senator's office, several emails later and a written testimony to read before the judge.....the washing machine warning label bill didn't even make it to the floor. I don't believe this? Everyone I have talked to said they are for a warning label, why wouldn't you be? I am really disappointed. So I took matters into my own hands-if I get in trouble by someone I don't care. I had my friend from Eye First Media design me a warning label. He did an amazing job! Thanks Terry!

I got 1,000 labels printed to hand out at the race!

What do you think of the sticker?
I kind of thought it might be sad for people who knew Ollie or our family to see this sticker and think of him in a negative way??? Like drowning or inside the washer? :-(
Any thoughts?