Wednesday, September 18, 2013

***Beautiful Moments***

I hesitate to post this....because I fee like I should be writing a sad post-about Ollie. I feel as if I want to only talk about my grief, my Ollie, my world. But there are many other beautiful things in my new world! (Ollie is always on my mind, that's a given, but it sure is tiring-I love my grief, it ties me to him.)

Here are just a few beautiful moments.......

*My baby girl wearing her brothers blue boots and jacket. 
He wore these everyday for about 6 months. 
Poppy is playing in what our neighbors call 
"Lake Hebb"
-in our front yard after a heavy down pour.

She reminds me so much of her big brother.

 **Lily and Poppy enjoying the summer with some watermelon. Lily would come over every day if I would let her, I am just too tired some times. They have so much fun together. My little honey badger sometimes gets a bit aggressive though and bites Lily when she tries to pick her up...other than that they have a  great time! I sure love Lily too.

***We had a beautiful h2o memorial run day with so many supporters. 
Bittersweet day. 
I met up with 3 of my angel momma friends. We intantlsy felt we had known each other. 
We hugged, we cried, we bonded. 
It was a special moment only a mother who has lost a child could share-an unwanted bond.
(Pictures will come later-I didn't, I was too busy)

KUTV H2o Memorial Run News Clip

KSL Race Day Interview