Saturday, September 20, 2014

why ya gotta be so, RUDE?

The last 3 days, I have been at a DoTERRA essential oil convention. It was inspiring, educational and uplifting-and smelt very nice too! It was neat to learn more about what DoTERRA is doing in the world and how they are creating more jobs. I am proud to be a part of this great company.

Since losing Ollie, I need things that uplift me, inspire me and make me want to live and do better-besides my kids. I don't need negativity in my life, I already have a heavy load to carry. So, whenever available, I try to surround myself with positive things-like this convention.

The smells of the oils alone made me feel uplifted-truly amazing! Smells do a lot for our mood.


Today there was a very inspiring speaker, whom I am sure many have heard of, 

 What a beautiful and courageous woman she is! 
She is owning her body and her trial and doing good things in the world. I cried through her entire message. A few things I want to pass on from here are, 
to own your life and your trials. 
This is a very hard thing to do and takes a lot of practice and many years, and then still we may never own our trial or accept it. I have been working hard lately to own my life and my trials. No one else can live it for me, no one else can take them away and no one else can make them better except-----ME. 

Stephanie also talked about what is on the inside not our appearance and that
 'our hearts matter most'.
 We are so concerned with appearance in our society. She said 'she was learning to accept herself in a world that does not accept her'. I have been thinking about this a lot lately, because I am trying to imagine my spirit and look at things from a spirits standpoint. I try to talk and lead my life with my heart. It really changes the way I act and things I do. Our bodies are just physical and get cremated or put in the ground when we die. Our spirit are what matter-our hearts! Stephanies heart is big and she she promised God she would share her story of HOPE- and that she did today for me.


After the event I went on instagram and decided to look up Nienie. She posted a picture of her on stage speaking...there were a few comments and I wanted to comment too. I looked at the comment above mine, it was a lady (excuse me, she wasn't a lady, a lady wouldn't say such things) wishing her well and saying that she could no longer follow her because there were so many burnt victims out there not living in mansions or writing books or making millions off their stories.

Hence my post title, why ya gotta be so rude?? Why are people so quick to 'assume' they know everything and the intentions of people? I honestly want someone to have millions and mansions after such a grueling trial. I want that too.....It would make things easier. Someone that has been burned on 80% of their body and had to learn to walk and talk and chew again deserves this. I would want the best for someone facing a horrible trial-and I think majority of people do too. Its those darn 1% that get our attention and make nasty squeaks.
My point of bringing this up is to help us think before we act-myself included. Words are hurtful. I have been so short with everyone the last 2 years-no excuses for my actions, but it is hard to feel like you are running a marathon Exhausting I tell you. I hope we can all be a bit kinder, judge a bit less and love a lot more! Life is so short and we never get toady to do over. 

Live the life you dreamed of...I believe I can still accomplish this and you can too!