Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I'm trying to write on my blog daily or a at least a few times a week. It is for my healing. and hopefully will provide just a bit of hope for others who are struggling too-even though I am so negative and depressed-but I am making it!

It seems to me lately, that the world is becoming a scarier place to live with all the natural disasters, ebola outbreak, vicious murders, cancer, selfish people, abductions-the news in general is almost all negative and depressing and offering no hope at times.

I talked to a new friend yesterday as she was telling me about a freak accident her daughter was in and had thankfully survived, but not without lasting complications. She was saying how the doctors offered little hope about her daughters status. She said she continues to hold onto HOPE, because that's all she has. Right?

That's all any of us have. Right?

Hope in getting better.
Hope in waking up and taking another breath.
Hope in the World.
Hope in life, in humanity.
Hope in a brighter tomorrow.
Hope in living again, in eternal life.
Hope in ourselves.
Hope in God and his plan.
Just HOPE.

Today I start my day with Hope. Hope to be happy, Hope for just today. That's all.