Monday, November 3, 2014

Serious fun!

My siblings and I went to the Halloween store! 
It was fun!

This is how fun! 
That cat head totally fits Poppy's little personality

>>>My older brother soberjedi! Yes he's single!<<<

But, it was also so evil and disgusting-in my opinion.
Yuck. So much blood.
 And dead people.
And coffins.
And skeltons.
((Why would I want to imagine my Ollie looking like skeleton in his coffin???))
And scary things....why is this fun?
I'm not sure I get what Halloween is even about, but I do like dressing up! 

Since sweet Ollie passing on, I am sooo much more sensitive to many things and on the other hand I am sooo much less compassionate. 

Cried a few times yesterday. 

Cried a few times today. 

Always missing Ollie, but holding onto Eternal Life! 
Never ending. 
Never saying goodbye.

Oh, I miss him......every single thing about him.....

Grief is still like the ocean. 
Very powerful, coming in in waves,
tremendous, gigantic powerful waves.
Taking you down like a  broekn vessel.
But at times, 
the stillness and the calmness
you feel can carry you to the sweet spot all alone where you find peace, and hope!