Thursday, February 19, 2015

Life....Is it Eternal?

As I sat starring at this blank screen, I began to make the symbol of eternity with my mouse, while I sat and thought about what I wanted to write.  
 This is the 'eternal knot'.

As I continued to make this symbol on the white screen, I began to ask my heart and soul if I believed we are eternal beings? 
My heart started to beat harder and quicker.
I just listened for a minute.

Yes, I do believe we are eternal.
  I believe our souls had no beginning and have no end, we have always existed. 
Matter is neither created or destroyed.
Our light and energy once the breath is gone, is transformed into some other form. 
I believe we are all balls of energy, light--I know this may sound weird.
The light never goes out or dims, but it does transfer and it may be harder to see that light. 
I think we have to be on a spiritual level or frequency to see this light and to understand its magnitude.
I have thought about this for years and this makes perfect sense to me. 
I don't really understand it or know how it works, but it sounds beautiful.
We are all a light and have had the light of Jesus Christ since birth or since forever.

Today I share my light.
I share happiness.
I share love.
 I share understanding and compassion.
I share hope, hope in living forever with the ones we love.