Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Noble Trees

This house we moved into in Carson, as we are told has been a true miracle.
Nothing was for rent in this area and if it was, it was very expensive.
Some hire power was certainly involved and knew we could seriously use this for
 our hurting and heavy hearts.
This house and acre of land has seriously played a BIG part in our healing in the last several months.
Being thankful for what we have....and we have so much.

 I feel the power of these wise and noble living giants!
Sometimes the wind is so severe up here I often wonder if the trees will blow down. They are so firmly rooted into the ground and have survived through so much. I think of myself as a tree. I must be firmly planted into the earth before I can begin to grow and I have withstood severe storms blowing my way. Then, after the storm on the sunny days they stand proud and tall.
They really hold a lot of power in them.
Try it.
Go hug one!! ha

They heal the soul.

Chris and I feel like we are camping every day when we wake up and look outside--there are giant 100 year old trees out every single window. 

Oh and did I mention?
 It's OLLIE BLUE sky every single day in Carson!! 


We had a nice weekend in Napa enjoying our family and sunshine!
My children appear to be very happy and Ollie's death has not affected them too much in a negative way. I know they feel my love and concern. They see my sadness at times nonetheless, they see my happiness and love for life too.
I hope the happy times out way the sad and we can all heal together.

"All you can do is all you can do
 and all you can do is enough"