Tuesday, April 21, 2015


This place out in the middle of the dessert they call Nevada......well, its been healing the Hebb family.

When Chris and I thought about moving out here for his job, we never thought we would end up in Carson City.
What does Nevada have to offer anyway?
Just a big desert with lots of gambling and old people.

So we thought.

We sure were wrong about all that. We have loved this house and all our surroundings. It has been more healing that I ever imagined. The water in Lake Tahoe has healing powers just by simply looking at it's vibrant blue hue. These powerful 300 year old trees all around our property have been pretty nice too.

So here are some pictures of our family 3 years after our storm....still grieving, still breathing and still healing.

We are trying to find that daily peace!

We collect rollie-pullies daily for her bug infatuation.

May you all find healing this day. Today is special and you never get it back. Make it count!
Thanks again for all your love.