Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The child after....

Dear Poppy

You are so special to momma!
 I want you to know this and feel it with every fiber of your body through out your entire life. 
You are just as important and as special as your older brother Ollie. 
 I love you just as much, never forget that my sweet thing.
You went through a lot with momma after Ollie died. 
You held on in my tummy and fought through the painful month with me, I know you could feel everything I was experiencing and I am so sorry for that.
You came into the world at the perfect moment when we needed you most. 
You were so brave to follow after such a horrible experience and you knew how difficult it would be.
You are forever our beautiful and colorful rainbow after the treacherous storm and you brought a ray of sunshine and hope the minute you entered this earth! 
You are just so special to me, my little girl.
Keep spreading your sunshine and light to those in the dark.

I love you Poppy Kai Hebb