Saturday, November 7, 2015

Inspiring woman!

Wouldn't you all agree, that some of the most courageous and inspiring people have been through some of the worst things?
I truly believe that by our trials we can be made stronger than ever before--at least this is what I tell myslef so I don't lose hope.
It is rather interesting to me that when you are in the deepest and darkest places, you can still see a glimmer of light. 
And you can eventuality find that light to lift you to a higher existence.
Sometimes that glimmer is from someone else pulling you up and giving you a part of their strength until you gain yours. 
 This is a real thing that happen.

Carrying one anothers burdens.

Time and time again, after Ollie passed on, I was so depressed and life looked so dark.
I lost a lot of hope and was so weak.
Then something would change, either by someone sending a text of hope, or a card in the mail, a giant hug when they saw me, a meaningful book, a memento to remind me of Ollie, or the many prayers offered.
All these things have sustained me in my grief until I have been able to walk on my own. 
It has been a lonely journey and very personal. 
Not one other soul can take it from me--except Jesus Christ.
Many times I pleaded with Him to remove my pain and He really did.

I believe our trials will make us stronger!!
Share your hardships--don't' keep things in, you never know who needs your example.


So, some inspiring woman that have helped me see some light and are a positive influence for good in this often dark world.  

These woman are amazing. 

Thank you for your influence in my life!
You are so courageous.

Stephanie Nielson
She was badly burned in an plane crash and lived to take care of her 5 children.
She is doing great things with her tragedy and inspiring many mothers.
Read about her daily struggles.

  Carey Lohrenz
First woman F14 Tomcat fighter pilot for the navy.
She is an amzing speaker and encourages every woman to be their best selves.
The skies the limit.
She is one tough chick.

Nicole Rasmussen 
She is a blind mother who does everything you and I do as mothers.
She is truly amazing in every way and her story brought me a lot of HOPE.
Read how she makes dinner every night---blind.

Turia Pitt
She was in a bush fire at a marathon.
She is beautiful inside and out.
Turia is doing so much with her unfortunate circumstance and blessing lives. 

These are just a few woman I follow online and they inspire to be my best self!

You should be your best self too. 
You are loved.
You are beautiful 
you are of Godly decent.

Rise to your potential!